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=^..^= Finnishline is the cattery name that I registered in 1998 with the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA). I became interested in this breed in 1996 when I had the chance to see Norwegian Forest Cats in person at the home of Linda Krall, Naturskat Norwegian Forest Cats. Before I contacted Linda Krall I had read different books and articles on the breed in various publications. After meeting these enchanting cats in person, my soulmate, Naturskat Heidi of Finnishline, joined my home later that year!

=^..^= In October 1996 I helped with the raffle at Linda Krall's TICA-sponsored Hudson Valley Cat Show. The proceeds from this raffle benefitted the homeless cats at the Dutchess County SPCA. I realized that cat shows were about so much more than putting cats in cages for judges to evaluate. We had cats from the shelter in cages on the stage and each time one was adopted, we would ring a bell! This cat fancy was not all about competition, this show helped to find forever homes for those cats less fortunate.

=^..^= I never intended to get into breeding or showing cats, but as time went by I found myself researching pedigrees and delving more into the history of the breed. My first show cats, Naturskat Guinevere of Finnishline and Naturskat Victoria of Finnishline, were born on 10 April 1998. The decision to have these girls join Heidi in my home would forever change the course of my life.

=^..^= I became involved with Mohawk Valley Cat Fanciers, a local CFA club, where mom and I helped run a silent auction which benefitted homeless cats from shelters in our area. Guinevere attended her very first cat show here in September 1999 and showed very well but was a little reserved about this cat show stuff :-) Cats do not like change so I slowly acclimated Guinevere to all of the bathing and blow drying and travel, always keeping her welfare as top priority. Guinevere became a grand premier in 2 shows in CFA and became a supreme grand champion alter in 5 shows in TICA. We had a blast on the road during the 2000-2001 show season and she earned 2 regional wins - 5th best allbreed alter in TICA and 10th best allbreed premier in CFA.

=^..^= I brought Guinevere's littermate sister out the following 2001-2002 show season. Naturskat Victoria of Finnishline was not as reserved as her sister - Vicki loved to show and quickly granded! We traveled all over the east coast and drove longer trips to Canada, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and one flight to Texas where Vicki attended the CFA International Show and participated in the judge's workshop. Vicki earned a nice regional win in CFA - 6th best allbreed cat in premiership in the North Atlantic Region. Vicki also earned Mid-Michigan Cat Fanciers 2001-2002 11th best allbreed cat in premiership.

"Competition does not create character, it exposes it." I found a better person inside myself than I ever knew existed :-)

=^..^= Colleen M. McGrady

=^..^=  I can be reached at FinnishlineNFC@gmail.com. I will ask you a few questions  to ensure responsible care which includes an indoor-only environment. I abide by a voluntary signed TICA Code of Ethics.



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